• Science behind Superstition

  • Nanubhai Amin Award Innovative Science Exhibits

  • School Visit

  • National Children's Science Congress

  • Vaho Vishwamitri Abhiyan (National Round Table)

  • Teacher's Training Program

  • Vigyan Express

  • Seminar on Saving Electricity

  • Popular Science Talk

  • Enticing children to read, explore, discover and learn about Science!

  • Summer Vacation Workshop

Welcome To Community Science Centre Vadodara

The Community Science Centre (CSC) in Vadodara, was established in 1982 under the Societies Registration Act in 1982 as a Public Trust.  The Centre was established by leading technocrats, citizens and corporate houses of Vadodara city and has been recognized as a Regional Community Science Centre for Central Gujarat by GUJCOST (Gujarat Council on Science and Tecnology).


The Centre is engaged in promotion and popularization of Science and Technology (S and T). Its mission is to develop scientific temper and inculcate scientific attitude by taking Science to the doorsteps of the community. The centre’s activities focus on generating interest, enthusiasm and bringing in scientific and technological awareness to varied target audiences that range from school to Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), college students, school teachers, engineers, and staff of the industries, skilled and semi-skilled and shop floor workers of the small-scale industries, women, farmers and layman.



Shri Vasant Waman Chemburkar was one of the founder Trustees of the Community Science Centre. Shri Chemburkar was a profound science fan and actively participated in all the activiti



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