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Vaho Vishwamitri Abhiyan (VVA)
Vaho Vishwamitri Abhiyan is a campaign with social interest at large which offers a scientifically organized security of a beautiful future. The Abhiyan aims to develop a ‘Bioshield’ starting from Pavagadh hill to Bay of Khambhat throughout the length of river Vishwamitri. This bioshield will create everlasting flow of clean water in the river that has wild plants and animal habitat on its banks supporting vegetation and propagating organic farming practices for environmental conservation.

We know the present pathetic state of the river Vishwamitri. Let us plan for its cleanliness and beautification for future generation. Community Science Centre Vadodara and National Bioshield Society together have planned a program that offers an opportunity to express our views for developing a clean and beautiful river environment. This program is supported by the views, ideas and designs of various experts and people residing on the bank of the river Vishwamitri.

Vaho Vishwamitri Project
  Likely benefits for the State and the Nation:
A beautiful flowing of river Vishwamitri throughout the year.
Holistic Development of Central Gujarat.
Increased amount of water – Almost double the amount of Ajwa Lake water.
Disaster Mitigation (floods, etc.) by a holistic plan.
A Bioshield in Central Gujarat as the ‘Lungs’ for the entire region (nearly 9 million trees and shrubs).
Scientific management of Liquid & Solid wastes.
Greening of the entire region from Pavagadh Hills to plains of Panchmahal, Vadodara and Bharuch with scientific and unique Biodiversity.
Scientific Planning for River front, Crocodile Park, Gardens, Play Centres and public facilities- as a part of Holistic Plan.
Beautification of ancient temples, mosques, Derasars, monuments etc. on banks of the historical river.
A large amount of Carbon Credit will be available- and as a model Sustainable Project.
Eco-agriculture – Organic farming around the entire area.
Futuristic Infrastructure.
Technical experts in GOG, GOI and even World Bank have appreciated and accepted the holistic plan as technically feasible and highly beneficial
  M. H. Mehta
National Bioshield Society