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About Us
Community Science Centre, (CSC) Vadodara is engaged in activities of scientific awareness. We are also involved in awareness for environment, eco-friendly habits, biodiversity conservation. We are glad to invite you to participate in a unique kind of competition and Invite your school to participate in "Conmat Cosmopolitan Tree Garden Award". Schools need to have a small garden land on which 5 different tree species (saplings) shall be planted and cared by 10 students (Std. 7-12) under guidance of a teacher. Our judges will visit the garden and scrutinize schools gardens for final award. The program also include competitions on drawing/poster making, slogan writing, essay writing and quiz based on uses of various plants, their ecological role and biodiversity connectivity. This competition encourages students to learn more about plant. The winners of various competitions are awarded with cash prizes, mementos and certificates.

Exhibits Community Science Centre (CSC) Vadodara has established a prestigious competition "Nanubhai Amin Award for Innovative Science Exhibit" to identify and promote budding scientists studying in schools. This is a unique Competition to encourage students (Std. 8 to 12) for innovation and offer an opportunity to express their ideas and talent by the means of working models in any subject of science and technology meant for the well being of our society and ultimately of our Nation. Winners are given the cash prize of total Rs. 30,000/-.