NR1, Negoitating Routes, Ecologies of the Byeways:

Since 2010, the CSC is generating awareness on the ecology and environs of the Wadhwana Lake near Dabhoi. These include study of the migratory birds that visit this wetland every winter and the local trees that provides nesting. The project was funded by the Norwegian Embassy and sponsored by the New Delhi-based NGO – the Khoj International Artists Association. The state Forest Department and 7 Schools located in the periphery of the Lake the facilitated the project implementation. School Students were actively involved to generate awareness on the migratory birds.  Over the years the project will map the route of various projects across the country to chart an alternative roadmap where artists and communities have come together and have been involved in the discussions on regeneration of local ecology of the cities and villages they inhabit. The National Highway (NH1) the nomenclature is used for the project as as NRI1 and NR2. This will from the nodal points of alternative mapping as they metaphorically connect the transfer and exchange of knowledge which is the route marked by art.