Saving Electricity in Industry

18th January 2024

Seminar on Saving Energy by Variable Speed Drives  

Presentations of Seminar on Saving Energy by Variable Speed Drives

1. Dr. B.G.Desai - Case Study

2. Dr. B.G.Desai - Introduction to Energy saving by VSD

3. Mr.R.P.Singh - Problem using Inverters for Motor Drives

4. Mr.R.P.Singh - VFD Standards

5. Mr.Bharat Makwana -  Saving Energy by VSD case studies

6. Mr. Bhavesh Vasiyani - Energy conservation case studies of Industries


Saving Energy in Industry by Dr B G Desai, Soham Technologies, 2020, Price Rs 500.00

A comprehensive publication specially focused on the why and how of industrial energy conservation.  The 135 page book covers energy efficiency measures for motors, pumps, fans, and the information on standards and labeled electric products.  A detailed information on electricity tariffs, analysis of bills, power factor, cogeneration, management of energy conservation and its impact on reducing the industries carbon footprint.

Webinar on Saving Electricity in Industries(09/09/20) 09 Sept. Part 1.pdf 09 Sept. Part 2.pdf B.G.Desai_compressed (1).pdf Yogesh Prajapati.pdf 400 kva (1).pdf Patel -.pdf Vasiyani.pdf