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29/05/2021 V W Chemburkar Memorial Lecture 29 May 2021 at 5.00 PM Community Science Centre, Vadodara Community Science Centre, Vadodara

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Dear all,
Community Science Centre Vadodara is very happy by inviting you for a popular virtual talk "Native Horticulture Tree Species  for Community Welfare" by India's renowned horticulturist Padma Shri Prof Brahma Singh. It is a rare chance for all tree lovers to listen to the person who has devoted his entire research span for betterment of gardens, trees and horticulture. He is expert in protected cultivation; he has developed agro-technologies for the high altitude areas of the Himalayan region and Leh. He has popularized the fruit crops of seabuckthorn and Indian mulberry (Noni- health plant. He has been honored by the Government of India by awarding him Padma Shri for his contribution in the field of Science and Technology. We as a society at large knows mostly introduced tropical american, few Australian and African trees as we see them growing commonly around us, even large scale plantation also have seen introduction of trees like Peltophorum, Ailanthus, Alstonia and now Conocarpus without much thought to native biodiversity and ecological dependencies of other fauna and flora on trees. Thus we feel fortunate to have him to deliver an elighting talk on native horticulture tree species for community welfare. To know more about our esteem speaker, you may google 

Brahma Singh - Wikipedia

As we are organizing every program in virtual mode, V W Chemburkar Memorial Lecture this time will be held in the same manner. Prof. Brahma Singh will deliver his talk with slides for about 35-40 minutes followed by an interactive session with the participants.
Kindly find our Invitation card and join the following Zoom link to attend the talk.