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04/10/2021 Wildlife Week 4th to 9th October 2021 Jointly organized with Navrachana University Navrachana University Campus

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4th Oct

Inaugural session (2 PM) at Auditorium, 5th floor

Expert Talk on “Wildlife of Gujarat” by Dr. Nishit Dharaiya

Launch of “Pocket Diaries on Biodiversity of Navrachana University Campus”

Launch of “Sacred Groves Day”

Launch of “Trash-Hunt from EcoTourism sites”


5th Oct

Wildlife Quiz and Elocution competition

(Theme: Deteriorating Wildlife and Ecotourism)

 For Quiz competition: At School level: ONLINE


1st and 2nd prize - Trophy and certificate.

At College/University level: 1st and 2nd prize - gift vouchers of 1000 & 500

For Elocution Competition: (2 PM) at Auditorium, 5th floor


College/University level: 1st and 2nd prize - gift vouchers of 1000 and 500

6th Oct


Expert Talk on “Importance of single tree species to support biodiversity” by Dr. Jitendra Gavali -(2 PM) at Auditorium, 5th floor

“Nature Walk” in NUV campus by Prof. Hitarth Pandya


7th Oct

Wildlife Photography competition (2 PM) at Library Atrium

 Open for all

CASH prizes (1st prize: 1000, 2nd prize: 500)


8th Oct

Wildlife Rangoli competition (2 PM) at Library Atrium

 Only for NUV students, so they will be preparing Rangoli at NUV campus.

Certificates for winners


9th Oct

Solvay's Citizens Day 2021 (9:30 AM to 2:00 PM)

Theme: Biodiversity

“Field Excursion at Nature’s Park, Sindhrot” by Dr. Parth, Dr. Karan, Mr. Rudra and Mr. Mithil

“Little Ones’ Big Talk” by Prof. Hitarth Pandya (3 to 4 PM) at Auditorium

 Theme ‘People for Environment’


• Three children who have taken remarkable steps for environmental conservation will explain their understanding about River, Ponds and Native birds and their concrete actions. The children will be given 15 minutes to narrate their journey and initiatives. There will be panel of experts which will include Ms Avi Sabawala (An avid birder and management guru), Dr Jitendra Gavali, Dr Ranjitsinh Devkar Zoologist and Prof. A.V. Ramachandran who would give their remarks to the initiatives taken by the students and guidance for further for improvement. Q & A session: open for audience.

Valedictory function