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07/10/2021 District level NCSC 2021 CSC, Vadodara Community Science Center, Vadodara

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"Vadodara Dist.  level NCSC 2021"

Dear Students and Guide Teachers,

We are indeed very happy to see your participation in National Children's Science Congress 2021. As we try to make it easier for everyone of us considering safety measures, we will be organizing it online presentation during tentative dates 5 to 9 October  for our Dist level NCSC.


A) You are suppose to submit the hard copies of 1) Abstract, 2) Hand written project report and  3) Log book all three in one file on 27 or 28 September 2021 anytime between 10.30am till 5.00pm at Community Science Centre. We also seek your presentation soft version submission during these two days only.

 Students must prepare their project on four chart papers with colorful creativity and readable letters sizes. These chart papers, they can keep with themselves.

B) We will have tentatively 5 days online sub-themewise presentation and only child/ren are suppose to attend and present their projects during respective subtheme time slot only. Thus children of one sub-theme are not supposed to attend the presentation of other sub-theme. In no way guide teachers, parents or others are suppose to attend the presentation. However, any individual can help the child for his/her slide operation during this presentation.

C) Presentation should have six slides at the max. No more slides will help any student. These slides shall include four slides of actual chart paper those have been used for otherwise physical presentation. So what students are supposed to do is to prepare chart papers, including their entire research, and photos of those charts shall be made into ppt slide. This will ensure that children have prepared chart papers, which is essential part of the congress.

D) Presentation should include very short introduction and background of the problem and short hypothesis. It should rather include the approach and the methodology those have been adopted (in detail) and the results, their analysis and conclusions (in detail). The presentation should be for 8 minutes and be sure that no additional time is taken beyond that. Delay other than any technical issue in presentation will not be entertained.

E) There will be only two to three minutes of inquiry (Q n A) post presentation from the evaluators.

F) We are preparing sub-themewise links for separate presentation time slots and we expect only those students who have participated should attend the sorted subtheme slot. It is our earnest expectation for the management of presentation in a peaceful manner that guide teachers, students and parents support our rules and keep sanctity of presentation by not sharing the sent link among themselves.